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Seasonal Rental Policies

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Annual Rental Policies

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Seasonal Rental Owner Policies

Seasonal Rental Policies:

Length of Rental

  • Vacation rentals, in season, are 30 day minimum.
  • Monthly reservations are available October thru April and utilities are included in the rental rates.
  • Discounted off season rental rates are available May through September and utilities are not included in the rental rate.
  • Security Deposit

    • In season security deposits are $700 for one month and $1000 for multiple months and are refundable 45 days after departure barring any damages or excessive cleaning.
    • Deposit is due at time of reservation, payable by check or money order only.

    Taxes and Fees

    • Florida State Sales tax is 6.5%.
    • Lee County Lodging tax is 5%.


    A written confirmation listing any rules, regulations or policies, dates of rental and property information and an itemized account ledger will be mailed after security deposit has been processed. Check the confirmation and ledger for accuracy and call 239-482-4444 or 1-800-741-2571 for any needed corrections.

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