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" We are condo owners in Kelly Greens Golf and Country Club, Fort Myers, FL. (since 2009). As soon as we purchased our condo,we contacted Kelly Cove Realty, Inc. to help find seasonal renters. They have found us a number of wonderful renters, right from the beginning, who continue to return every year.

We are very pleased with Kelly Cove Realty, Inc. for so many reasons. Everyone who works there is very pleasant and extremely efficient and there is a lot of experience within the office. They handle everything; all paperwork, rent collection, cleaning and preparing our condo for each new rental, as well as closing and securing our condo after the season is over. Kelly Cove Realty, Inc. also includes wonderful welcome packets when handing the keys over to the renters. It's such a great and comforting feeling to have everything run so smoothly for us. They care about every detail; ensuring our condo is in perfect condition and looks out for the owners as well as their renters all year long.

Kelly Cove Realty, Inc. also has a great rental web site where your condo is beautifully show-cased with numerous photos and a lot of necessary and important information for prospective renters. We basically don't have to think or worry about anything. KELLY COVE REALTY, INC. handles it all!!!"

Ray and Lynda,
Freehold, New Jersey

"We have rented at Kelly Greens for 1 to 2 1/2 months over the past 21 years, mostly through Kelly Cove Realty, Inc.. They know what we like, they find it for us, and give us great service with any problems we encounter. We recommended them to friends, who have reported equally good service."

Carol and Bill,
Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

"Working with Linda at Kelly Cove Realty, Inc. has been a dream. We represent several high profile athletes who need to find temporary living situations every year. In the past we have experienced difficulties with other agents who were always too slow to respond and left us on the back burner. NOT WITH LINDA! She would always make sure to get us prompt responses and always went out of her way to help us and our clients. Some of our clients do not speak English, yet Linda would go above and beyond to try to understand, be patient with them and always get them through any difficulties they might have. I currently work with her and plan on continuing to do so as long as we need housing in Florida."

Akira and Matt
All American Sports
Los Angles, California

"I am the owner of several rental properties in Fort Myers, Florida, and have used Kelly Cove Realty, Inc. as my property management company since 2003. They have done a fine job for me in obtaining and keeping quality tenants. They have also gotten needed repairs done quickly and at a reasonable price.

Should you need quality, professional rental management I strongly recommend Kelly Cove Realty, Inc.. You will be pleased with your choice."

Albuquerque, New Mexico

"We at Air Comfort of Fort Myers, are proud to be part of the Kelly Cove Realty, Inc. team. We offer same day service at competitive rates and explain to the customer and Kelly Cove Realty, Inc. and get permission before performing any work.

We are a Class A State Certified Contractor in Florida for over 25 years, I have 48 years of experience in heating and air conditioning."

Fort Myers, Florida

"Linda Weglarz with Kelly Cove Realty, Inc. has been my exclusive agent at Legends leasing my condo for the last 6 years. She has worked tirelessly with me and with my tenants. She has interacted with clients who speak little or no English and has been most successful in working with them. Linda has taken care of all maintenance situations as they have occurred. I don't know what I would have done without her."

Centreville, Maryland

"During the past summer in Wisconsin, we decided to move to and independent living unit within a assisted living complex. This meant selling our Wisconsin, Condo, as well as our Florida, Villa. We contacted Donna Komar of Kelly Cove Realty, Inc. who agreed to handle the sale of the Florida unit. We gave her carte blanche to do all needed to prepare the place for sale. She arranged to de clutter the place and by the time we got to Florida, we could hardly recognize the place. Within 2 or 3 months, she found a buyer, even in these difficult home realty times. We received and offer to purchase, and now closing is in 4 weeks. We have told our neighbors and friends of the fine work Donna did in all aspects of the sale. She kept us advised of all happenings and is helping us with all the things that must be done to finalize the operation. I can't thank her enough for keeping this old worry wart focused and comfortable thru out the preparation, sale, and ability to move to the next chapter of our lives. I would not hesitate to recommend Donna and Kelly Cove Realty, Inc. to anyone looking to sell real estate in the Florida area."

Franklin and Commie
Fort Myers, Florida

"Since we have gone through three purchases and two sales, it would seem impossible that we would have any negative remarks regarding our real estate dealings with Phyllis at Kelly Cove Realty, Inc. Her professionalism and superior knowledge of real estate along with her ability to sooth any anxiety that would arise was comforting. We appreciated her efforts and the personal investment of time to make herself available around our schedule no matter the time of day of the week. We would not bring our real estate transactions to any realtor but her."

Cape Coral, Florida

"A while ago I was talking to a couple from Chicago who were doing some scouting for a second home. I agreed with them that Fort Myers can be tricky due to the many communities tucked away here and there. Since I had been coming here for four years (snow bird) they seemed interested in any advice I could offer. My advice was simple, find a established and very honest agent. I then gave them your name with Kelly Cove Realty, Inc. and your phone number. I told them that for the last four years you found me wonderful places to spend the winter. My agent was clearly concerned with not only meeting my needs (which was easy) but more importantly with meeting my wants. There are lots of homes for sale or rent at many different prices, but few will meet the wants of particular individuals. The agent I recommended, Linda Weglarz has been willing and able to find that special place that was just right. I don't know if that couple from Chicago will take my advice but I must day I enjoyed offering it since I have so much confidence in Ms. Weglarz, and Kelly Cove Realty, Inc. "

"We were referred to Linda Weglarz while looking for a condo in the Ft. Myers area. Linda was more than happy to help us out before we ever spoke on the phone. She was very enthusiastic and very attentive to our needs via email. When finally speaking with her on the phone we could tell she was genuinely interested in helping us and getting to know our likes and dislikes. This helped us find the PERFECT place we called home. She went above and beyond not only to meet our needs but to build a business and personal relationship also known as trust. She does a wonderful job keeping in touch with her clients and cares about them on such a personal level it puts a smile on your face and puts you at ease knowing that business will get done in a timely and efficient manner."

David & Andrea Aardsma
Seattle Mariners

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